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October 07, 2006



JM has had more farwell concerts and retirements than Frank Sinatra. I remember seeing him on TV way back in the 70s in London, saying how appalling everything was and that the artistic life in England was shocking and he was thinking of (a) returning to health and being a doctor again (I always thought he was a doctor of philosophy and my feelings are with his patients on this one) or (b) shaking off the ties of the UK and going to the the US.

Response at the time was unanimous, well here is your ticket, bye bye, we will come and wave you off, don't bother coming back etc

Well of course he did come back, and left again, and returned and left again with dizzying and monotonous regularity. I have seen many of his productions at the ENO, including a stunning Arabella, but really the man is such a PAIN. He leads a gloriously interstingly privileged life and all he does is moan.

Was it Clement Atlee who said of Winston Churchill ' a period of silence from you would be welcome' (Or was it the other way round?)

Whichever, Jonathan please note.
PS cannot access the full article so if you can at any stage and can print it in full, I would be delighted to read it

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