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May 24, 2007


Louie C.

I have finally finished my season with COT. Mr. Brian Dickie, thank you for bringing Bluebeard's Castle and Erwartung to Chicago. If you remember few years back when the company was still at the Atheneum Theatre, I wrote to you to requesting to stage these 2 operas. I loved it so much that my partner and I saw it 3 times. Ulisse was wonderful (saw it twice) and B and B was magnificent. When I saw B and B during the opening night, the orchestration and singing was so excellent that it made me teary eyed.

Since the company is premiering another John Adam's opera the Flowering Tree, is the controversial Death of Klinghoffer coming soon?? (hint... hint...)

Brian Dickie

Have been thinking about Klinghoffer - very expensive......delighted you enjoyed our little season!

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