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April 16, 2008


Henry Holland

From the Guardian article:

"If the director does not have inner confidence, then you are in trouble. The film industry is tough, but some film directors don't believe how tough and savage the opera world is".

Hahahaha, you're all pussycats, right? Right? :-)

I'm excited by some of what ENO is doing --though doing "Riders by the Sea" by itself (it's an hour and change) seems a bit of rip-off unless they reduce the prices-- but I'm curious about a habit I notice in European companies that I hope you can enlighten me on.

In America, companies announce their full seasons, with all the dates in place, at the time of the forthcoming season announcement--for instance, I know exactly what weekend next year I'm going to (hopefully, job permitting) fly to Chicago for the "Owen Wingrave". As someone who travels to Europe to hear stuff that doesn't get done here, I'm baffled why ENO would announce the first half of the season (which has nothing I'm interested in) including dates on their website but not the second half ("L'amour de Loin" is very enticing). It surely can't be that they don't know performance dates--why the lack of information?

It's the same all over France and Germany--they'll announce the opening night but only give the dates of the rest of the performances a few months ahead of time (in time for booking). Rather hard to plan travel that way.

Again, since you have vast experience with the European Way Of Doing Things, I was hoping you could help out. Love your site by the way, I visit every day.

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