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April 24, 2011


Andrew Patner

Kudos, Brian!

It would indeed be interesting to know who reads what reviews when and where and in what form. Despite the absence of newspapers on buses, my colleagues and I certainly hear from and know that many people see our reviews whether in print, on newspaper, aggregating, or individual websites, or forwarded to them via e-mail. What the totals are, what this means in terms of the "accidental encounter," etc., I don't think we really know. I hope that reviews and articles on opera and classical music in general *do* help spread the word about the art forms and that they remain useful -- when appropriate -- for use in other media, etc., regarding particular performances and productions. In any event, we try! As you all certainly do!


yes - this is partly speculation. Of course people read reviews and we get a lot of feed back from them. But they are by and large people who are audience members already. And they congratulate us on our reviews! Thats very nice of course. And we find reviews immensely helpful for wider PR purposes. And of course we email them out to our lists.....!

We know for certain that the significant spike in ticket sales following print ads and reviews that we experienced up to three or so years ago no longer happens. So there is a problem - as people change their buying habits to last minute purchases the lack of impact from print media makes a great difference.

Anyway we hope we have a great show that people will want to come to. Thanks Andrew for all you do! And the Sun Times and WFMT.


I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Easter with your family - crunchy spuds and all. And I hope that your pleasure was enhanced by the full satisfaction of having given Chicago one of its finest opera productions in years.

I was very pleased that you were able to bring the "robot opera" to Chicago. But Saturday's performance confirmed that nothing can surpass the power of a truly great work of art - whatever its age - performed with talent and passion and staged with creativity.

Cheers to you and all the "Medea" team!


Fantastic performance! Once again, COT filled my world with something new (to me, anyway) to savor and discuss with family and friends.

Andrew Patner

All true and good points, Brian. The future of criticism --> a mystery!

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