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December 26, 2011


hemdi kfir

We loved him very much. He will be sorely missed as a musician, as a person, as a mentor. Not true that everyone can be replaced. There will be no other person like him!

Susanne Mentzer

He was a huge influence on my musical life. What a loss.

Patti Peterson

I'm so sad to hear this. He made such a difference in my musical education as a doctoral student. We had many wonderful coachings together. Patti

Paul Kelly

Martin was a dear friend and a great inspiration to me. I'll miss him more than I can say.

Miriam Charney

So saddened to hear this. Martin was one of my first teachers in artsong collaboration (altho he would never have called it that) and I still quote his pithy truths. A great loss to all who cared about music and text.

John Churchwell

Martin led the song program at Banff when I did very first summer programs back in 1990 and 1990. I heard so many songs for the first time in my classes with him. I carry him proudly with me in my heart and in my music. Rest in Peace Martin. I'll have a Pims cup in your honor.

Stuart MacIntyre

An extraordinary man. For me, his complete musical honesty was his most remarkable attribute. But he was prodigiously gifted in so many ways. I am truly privileged to have known and studied with Martin while still a student and as a young professional singer. He was a phenomenal teacher.

This not unexpected news is still deeply shocking. Martin was one of the very last of a truly inspirational group of musicians who came to prominence in the UK from the late forties/ early fifties onwards; Martin's professional début was as orchestral pianist in the première of Britten's opera "The Turn of the Screw". His superb playing also features on the recording which Britten himself conducted. It is well worth a listen.

Goodbye, Martin. You are already hugely missed.

Michael Gamble

Dear Martin! He phoned me shortly before Christmas asking to keep my fingers crossed for him since he was expecting the results of tests. I have worked with him for about thirty years as his tuner/technician both at Glyndebourne and at his home in Sussex. He had many anecdotes culled from his world-wide musical activities. Greatly to be missed. Rest In Peace, Martin.

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