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July 15, 2012


Andrew Patner

Oh, Brian! If you love "Guys and Dolls" and "Most Happy Fella" how could have said this was "just an evening of Broadway"?! ;-) Those shows plus selections from other wonderful Loesser shows including "Greenwillow" and "Where's Charley?" and "How To Succeed . . ." and many of his wonderful standards including "Two Sleepy People," "Slow Boat to China," "Baby, It's Cold Outside," songs from the delightful Danny Kaye film "Hams Christian Andersen," four very fine Broadway soloists, Kevin Stites and the terrific orchestra, Chorus members' selections, *and* a wonderful performance by Loesser's mid-80something widow, Jo Sullivan, the original Rosabela and the original classic 1954 Marc Blitzstein adapted "Threepenny Opera" Polly Peachum! You were missed! ;-)


Yes Andrew you are right, I messed up! But it was hot and I just couldn't be bothered: after all my zooming around it would have taken more to get ignorant me out on such a hot evening after a sweaty day!

Andrew Patner

By 8 it was cooler out. (Late start dure to Waste, er. Taste of Chicago farther down in the Park. But I hear you! ;-)


Loesser is an American treasure. The only composer who brilliantly wrote music and lyrics(yes, I really mean that in spite of the obvious name you are thinking of).
The concert was marred by the police copter hovering above. This happened a few years ago and CPD friend spoke to people who stopped it. It didnt last long but it was really annoying. The call went out again.

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