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August 08, 2012


Richard Boyum

While you were exploring beaches, threatening horses (by looking as though you might want to go for a ride) and attending some good music in England, we were closer to home at Glimmerglass Opera in upstate New York.

We are in for a great treat with Sean Panikkar this fall in The Magic Flute. His voice is the real thing and I believe that many will be thrilled with his performance as Tamino. Panikkar appeared as "Leader" in the Kurt Weill "Lost in the Stars." It is a great voice and super stage presence. And might I add that Eric Owens gave an incredible performance as Stephen Kumalo in the Weill work.

COT credits bubbled up in biographies of artists at the festival. Brandy Lynn Hawkins was in the song cycle double bill of a couple of years ago. She is in the ensemble at Glimmerglass this year and sang beautifully the important role of Irina in "Lost in the Stars."

Colin Ainsworth sang the male lead Renaud in the Lully "Armide." He was a great Jason in the COT Medee. The Lully is treacherous singing and Ainsworth has technique and sound to spare.

And though we arrived after the rehearsals and so did not see him, Eric Sean Fogel was choreographer for the controversial "Aida." It was a very dark look at the Verdi opera and it opened entirely new perspectives for the audience...and some of the audience was quite vocal in not wanting any new perspectives! Of course, Fogel was choreographer of the incredible "Moscow Cheryomushki" from last spring.

It was a good weekend...4 operas in less than 48 hours. No problem for the dedicated (and perhaps deranged) opera fan.

Rick Boyum/Chicago


Oh hello Rick! Yes COT alums are all over the place - in Garsington and Glyndebourne this summer for example. It is good to see COT on these bios!! I think that the Flute cast is going to be very strong. Sean is great, but he is just one of a very strong team I hope.

I am on my way back to Chicago today.

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